Because ME is less visible than most illnesses, we needlessly have so many people suffering, wasting their lives away.  I have read so many stories about people silently suffering, with pain and fatigue.  And I have seen it first hand with my sister who has been suffering for over 20 years. I have been thinking about ways to help, but since I am not a medical doctor nor researcher, my options were limited.  

By day, I am an information architect – I work with financial data and managers at financial institutions . Eventually I thought about linking one type of data (ME sufferers) with another (ME researchers).  Hence this website was born.  I hope the data collected will be an essential part in the ecosystem of people and information that will be needed when large scale research and medical trials take place. This is my way of volunteering my time to a global problem.

If you look for me on the internet, you won’t find much on social media like facebook and instagram (although I am getting a little better).  The best place to find a little info is here on: LinkedIn.

Mike Lapenna